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Session Chair Guidelines

This meeting will be held primarily for on-site presentations and Q&A sessions. Please read the following guidelines and cooperate in facilitating a smooth and productive session.

Guidelines on proceeding with sessions

We humbly ask for your cooperation in ensuring the smooth running of the sessions by strictly adhering to the presentation and Q&A time limits.

  1. Arrival
    Please arrive at the session room at least 20 minutes before the session starts and inform the staff at the Operating Desk (front right side of the room) that you have arrived.
    The staff will provide information on how to operate the PCs and timers in the chair’s seat, change in speakers, etc.
  2. Prohibition of photography, recording, and use of cell phones
    Please make the following announcement before the session begins:
    “I would like to remind you that you should turn off your cell phones. Please remember that unauthorized photography and audio/video recording are NOT permitted.”
  3. Time Allotted for presentations and discussions
    • Symposium: Time allocations determined by organizers
    • Oral Presentation:15 minutes (10 min. for presentation, 5 min. for discussion), each session consists of 3 to 4 presentations.
      Please check “Meeting Planner”, the abstract search & scheduling system, for details on the abstracts of the session you will be responsible for.
    • Training School for Next Generation Scientists: 30 minutes (15 min. for presentation, 15 min. for discussion), each session consists of 2 presentations.
  4. Q&A
    We kindly ask session chairs to prepare for vigorous Q&A sessions and discussions. If there are no questions from the floor, the chairs should ask a question to stimulate discussion. In principle, presentations will be given in English, however, Japanese is also acceptable for the Q&A session. Please inform the audience of that accordingly.
    The chair has the right and obligation to end the presentation when the speaker's time is up. Please check the timer and make sure to finish your session on time.
    Example: When a presenter speaks past his/her allotted time, you can say “I am afraid that we are running short of time. Could you conclude your presentation, please?”
    “Sorry. I'm going to have to ask you to stop.”
    Example: When you need to end a protracted discussion, you can say “Sorry to interrupt you, but this seems to be a very complicated issue, which may lead to a long debate. It is perhaps better if you get together afterward to discuss it.”
  5. In the event that the speaker of your session is unable to present The staff will notify you and ask you to take the following action if the speaker of your session is unable to deliver a presentation.
    Presenting by proxy: Only co-authors can present by proxy. Please announce to the audience that the substitute will be presenting.
    Withdrawal of presentation: If no one is presenting by proxy, the presentation will be withdrawn. Please announce to the audience that the presentation has been withdrawn and there will be a break until the start of the next presentation. Do not proceed ahead of the start time of the next presentation.

Training School for Next Generation Scientists: Judging Criteria and Methods


Although the basic format of presentations for this training school is regular research presentations, the presenters may talk about what questions they would ask about their own research, what is missing in it, and what problems they are currently facing. In principle, presentations and Q&A are to be conducted in English, however, Japanese is also acceptable for the Q&A session.

Q&A session

For the first 5 minutes of the Q&A session, questions from the two discussants should be given priority. Next, questions from young researchers should be prioritized. Please also ask the judges to advise on the presentations and research within the remaining time of the Q&A session.


The chairs are requested to facilitate sessions as well as judge presenters.
There are three judging criteria: research content (10 points), presentation skills (10 points: including strict adherence to presentation time, slide composition, and layout), and Q&A session (5 points).
Judging forms will be available in the session room. Please submit your forms to the staff, who will collect them after the judging.