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Registration for the Meeting


  1. Registration Fees
  2. Pre-Registration
  3. Registration Portal
  4. On-Site Registration
  5. Meeting Badge & Receipt
  6. Banquet
  7. JNS Membership


1.Registration Fees

Category Pre-Registration
<Early Bird>
On-site Registration
December 1, 2022
– April 19, 2023 12:00 PM JST
April 20, 2023 12:00 PM
- June 29, 2023 12:00 PM JST
August 1-4, 2023
Registration Registration Registration
Regular Members 20,000 JPY 22,000 JPY 24,000 JPY
Graduate Students 1,000 JPY 2,000 JPY 3,000 JPY
Under-Graduate Students First Authors 1,000 JPY 2,000 JPY
Other under-graduates Free Free Free
Senior Members Free Free Free
Non-Members General 26,000 JPY 28,000 JPY 30,000 JPY
Graduate Students 3,000 JPY 4,000 JPY 5,000 JPY
Under-Graduate Students Free Free Free

The above registration fee does not include the cost of luncheon seminar lunches and receptions.

*Registration fees for JNS members are untaxed. Registration fees for non-members include tax.



  • Please select the category that you will fit into at the time when the meeting takes place (August 1-4, 2023) regardless of the current category of your JNS membership (regular, junior or student).
  • Your registration fee may be supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research or other grants if you are to present the research results at the meeting. Please contact the administrative staff at your workplace for details.

To graduate students

Present your student ID when you register.

  • Pre-registration: Please follow the instruction on the pre-registration screen and upload a copy of both sides of your student ID card with the expiry date.
  • On-site registration: Please present your student ID card at the registration desk.

Registration fees for undergraduate students

<Presenters as first authors>
Registration fees are required. Please be sure to register for the meeting and pay the registration fee.

<Undergraduates who are not presenters>
We offer free registration. You need to present your student ID.

  • Pre-registration: Please follow the instruction on the pre-registration screen and upload a copy of both sides of your student ID card with the expiry date.
  • On-site registration: Please present your student ID card at the registration desk.

To the press

No advance registration is required.
Please come to the General Registration on the meeting venue.



A long que is expected at the on-site registration desk. Pre-registration for the annual meeting is recommended to get a discount as well.

Pre-registration period: Early bird

December 1, 2022 – April 19, 2023 12:00 PM JST

Pre-registration period: Late

April 20, 2023 12:00 PM JST – June 29, 2023 12:00 PM JST

Payment method

  • Please select either a credit card payment or bank transfer.
    Please note that only credit card payments will be accepted from June 1.
    If you wish to make your payment in or after April, please check “Payment in or after April” first.
  • Your registration ID and password are required when you wish to view or change your registration information. Please be sure to keep them in a safe place.

Cancellation/Modification of your Registration

Registration fees or reception fees that are already paid will not be refunded for any reason.
Please be sure not to duplicate your registration nor payment of registration fees.


3.Registration Portal

Please click on the button below to register, or view/modify your registration.


4.On-Site Registration

You may register on the day of the meeting.

Online Registration

Payment Method: Credit Card Only
Please proceed to the registration page on Confit by clicking the button below:

  • We are preparing to accept applications from late July onwards.
  • After completing the payment, it is recommended to print out the participation certificate and bring it with you for smooth entry.
  • After payment is completed, we will issue your Meeting Planner ID and Pass to the email address provided during registration.

On-site Registration (at the registration desk)

Payment Method: Cash Only

Please fill out the necessary information on the "Registration Form" below and visit the on-site registration desk at the venue. The "Registration Form" will also be available at the reception desk of the conference venue.

5.Meeting Badge & Receipt

<Pre-registered participants or participants who will participate online on the meeting day>

Those who have completed online registration and payment of registration fees will receive the following items:

1. Meeting badge (available after mid-July)
2. Receipt for the payment of the registration fee

Meeting badges and receipts will not be mailed. You can download both of them through the registration system if you have already made your payment.

<On-site Registration>
Please receive the above items when you register at the registration desk.



August 2, 19:00-20:00
Sendai City Arcade Shopping Street "Sanmall Ichibancho" 3 minutes from "International Center" subway station, around "Aoba-dori Ichibancho" station
Participation Fee:
Regular 2,000JPY, Students 1,000JPY
No advance registration is required. Please register for the banquet at the Registration Desk on the meeting site.
Please kindly note that you cannot register for the banquet in the banquet venue, the shopping arcade.
500 persons (first-come-first-served basis)

We will be holding a reception on a part of Sendai City's iconic arcade shopping street, "Sanmall Ichibancho".
Casual drinks and light snacks will be provided.
Enjoy face-to-face conversations while holding a drink in your hand.
The arcade street is lined with various dining options, and there are also charming dining areas and alleys scattered around.
After the reception, let's explore the surroundings!

7.Japan Neuroscience Society (JNS) Membership

  • JNS Members can get a discount on registration fees: Non-members are encouraged to take this opportunity to join the JNS.
  • First authors must be a member of the JNS. Non-members who are planning to present their work are asked to immediately apply for membership. Please be aware that if your application for membership or payment of membership fee is not confirmed after you submitted your abstract, your submission may be retracted by the meeting organizer.
  • It may take time to obtain a membership ID (number) after you submit an application. It is advised apply for membership well in advance.


Membership Inquiries
TEL: 03-3813-0272