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Late-Breaking Abstracts

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have received many abstracts from researchers by February 17 deadline. However, we assume that there are some researchers who are making advances in their research even after the deadline.
We consider it to be of great importance to have discussions based on recent research achievements and thus make a call for Late-Breaking Abstracts (LBA).
Submit LBA and present your latest research developments in Sendai!
LBAs are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Please kindly understand that call for LBAs will be closed as soon as it reaches maximum number of submissions. Early submission would be recommended.


  1. Abstract Submission Period
  2. Abstract Submission Eligibility
  3. Presentation format / Language
  4. Presentations
  5. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)
  6. How to Submit your Abstract
  7. Viewing/Modifying Submitted Abstracts
  8. Abstract Acceptance Notification
  9. Important Notes
  10. Login to the Registration System


1. Abstract Submission Period

The abstract submission period is different from the pre-registration period.


April 11, 2023, 10:00AM (Japan time)


April 25, 2023, noon (Japan time)



2. Abstract Submission Eligibility

  • The presenting author (the first author) himself/herself should register for the meeting and submit an abstract. Abstract submission by a co-author on behalf of the presenting author (first author) is not permitted.
  • Each person can submit one abstract as a first author either for a symposium, an oral presentation, or a poster presentation. Speakers of plenary, special, educational, and award lectures and luncheon seminars may submit an abstract for either a symposium, an oral presentation, or a poster presentation as a first author.
  • First author should obtain consent from all co-authors before submitting a paper.
  • The presenting author (first author) should be a member of the Japan Neuroscience Society.We ask non-members to immediately apply for JNS membership.
  • It may take about a week to obtain a membership ID (number) after you submit your application.
    Please apply for membership well in advance. In case the membership application process is not complete by the time the program is fixed, your abstract may be retracted.
  • Those whose membership is paused should make sure to reactivate their membership by the day the meeting starts.

<Contact information for JNS membership/annual fee>
The Japan Neuroscience Society
Visit the website from here.
Phone: 03-3813-0272

3. Presentation Format / Language

<Presentation Format>
Poster presentation


Abstract Presentation Q&A
English *1 English *2 English *2

*1 Enter title, names of authors and affiliations in Japanese if applicable.
*2 Posters of Industry-Academia Collaboration Presentations are to be prepared in English. Additionally, please prepare your resume in Japanese.



4. Presentation

1) Notes on submitting papers

  • Please select a category in which you would like to deliver your presentation from the List of Categories (pdf).
  • Poster presentation guidelines including poster sizes will be announced on our website one month prior to the meeting.

2) Junior Investigator Poster Award

There will be an award for the best poster presented by undergraduate students.
Candidates of this award are presenters who are undergraduate students at the time of abstract submission. Graduate students are not eligible.
Select “Apply for Junior Investigator Poster Award” when you submit your paper.

3) Industry-Academia Collaboration Poster

We call for poster presentations of research conducted in close collaboration with the industry or related to industrial application to be introduced as “Industry-Academia Collaboration Posters”.
Presentations of Industry-Academia Collaboration Posters will be scheduled for the same day as the industry-academia collaboration event is programmed. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and submit an abstract to further discussions with corporate participants.

  • If you wish to present an industry-academia collaboration poster, please select “Apply” for the Presentation at Industry-Academia Collaboration on the abstract submission page, go through the Checking List, and check items that are applicable to your abstract.
  • Posters that will be on display on the day of the meeting should be created in English. Copies of a handout on one side of A4 paper should be prepared to be distributed to the audience who would wish to have it, so that you can talk them through effectively.

5. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)

The existence of conflict of interest of the first author, corresponding author (including non-members of the JNS), and their spouses and relatives in the first degree who share income/assets with them backdated a year from the time of abstract submission should be disclosed when you intend to present your work at the Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society.
Conflict of interest should also be disclosed in your presentation on the day of the meeting if there is any.
Please visit here for detailed information.

6. How to Submit your Abstract

1) Registration process (create an account, register for the meeting and submit an abstract)

Please click on the “Registration System” button at the bottom of this page to create an account and register for the meeting. After your registration is completed, you will be able to continue to submit your abstract.
To view or modify what you have entered, you need to login to the system. Please be sure to keep your account information (login ID and password) in a safe place until acceptance/non-acceptance of your abstract is notified.
Please kindly understand that we are unable to answer inquiries related to login ID and password for security reasons.

2) Abstract submission flow: from entry to completion

  • Follow the instructions on the abstract submission screen and enter required information.
  • When your submission is completed, a confirmation email will be sent automatically. If you have not received the email within 60 minutes, your abstract may not successfully be registered to the system, so please submit your abstract once again. We also ask to check your spam folder for the confirmation email as well.
  • Depending on your PC environment, machine-dependent characters may not be displayed correctly in the confirmation email. If they are displayed correctly on the registration system though, there is no problem

3) Character limit

The abstract body is limited to 2,500 characters, including space, special characters, symbols, and HTML tags that are used for text formatting.
To count characters, please click “body” to select all text, copy, click on the “Characters Counter” button, and paste the text into the counter box. Please note that abstracts with more than 2,500 characters will not be accepted.

4) Special characters and text formatting

When you wish to use special characters or text formatting, please copy and paste what you need from the list of available symbols being displayed in another window on the abstract submission screen.

7. Viewing/Modifying Submitted Abstracts

  • You can view or modify your submitted abstract only during the abstract submission period. Please login to the registration system and make necessary changes.
  • After the call for abstracts is closed, you will not be able to modify the registered information, including the abstract text, authors (the first author and co-authors), or affiliations. We will make no exceptions regardless of the circumstances.
  • Submitted abstracts will not be proofread in principle. Registered information will be published in the abstract book as entered, therefore, the submitting author should take responsibility for ensuring the correct entry of affiliations or of all the co-authors without omission.
  • The pre-registration system and abstract submission system are two independent systems. Even if you changed information in one system, it will not be reflected in the other. Please be sure to make modifications in both systems if you have any changes in the submitted information.

8. Abstract Acceptance Notification

Acceptance/non-acceptance of regular abstracts will be notified via email in early June after the program is fixed. The acceptance notification includes information such as presentation date and time, format, and room. The decision about the acceptance/non-acceptance of abstracts should rest with the Program Committee. Please note that your abstract may not be accepted.


9. Important Notes

  • Accepted abstracts will be published in the JNS Meeting Planner 2023 in early July prior to the meeting. The exact date will be announced on our website by mail magazines.
  • When you need a “Proving Document for Seeking Application for Provision of Exceptions to Lack of Novelty of Invention” under the provisions of Article 30 of the Patent Act, please contact the meeting secretariat (




10. Login to the Registration System