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Information for Participants

1. Registration

Date Time Place
August 1 8:00-17:30 Foyer, Exhibition Hall
August 2 7:30-17:30
August 3
August 4 7:45-13:30

Pre-registered participants

  • Participants who have already registered and paid for the meeting are to download and print their own meeting badges from the online registration system prior to the meeting. Please be sure to bring it with you when you come to the meeting site. Downloading of the meeting badge is available from Friday, July 14.
  • Please pick up a badge holder and a congress bag at the Registration Desk.
  • Participants not wearing meeting badges will be refused entry into meeting rooms.

On-site registration

  • Register at the Registration Desk and receive your meeting badge and receipt. Please make sure to always wear your meeting badge during the meeting.
  • Only cash payment is accepted. We do not accept payments by credit card or electronic payments.
Members Nonmembers
General JPY 24,000 JPY 30,000
Graduate Students JPY 3,000 JPY 5,000
Undergraduate students Free Free

※Tax category of Registration Fees: Members, Tax-free; Nonmembers, Tax included.

2. Cloakroom

A cloakroom is available for storing your luggage. Please be advised that valuables, umbrellas, and perishable goods are not accepted.

Date Time Place
August 1 8:00-19:15 Room 3, Exhibition Hall
August 2 7:30-18:30
August 3 7:30-19:15
August 4 8:00-15:15

3. Banquet

Refer to registration page

4. Exhibition, Book Shops and Stamp Rally

The exhibition, Academia Exhibition, and book shops will be open as follows:
You can win a lunch ticket from food trucks by participating in the stamp rally at the exhibition.

Date & Time: August 1-3, 9:00-17:00
Place: Exhibition Room 1-3, Exhibition Hall

5. Luncheon Seminar

Lunch services at Luncheon Seminars will be provided by sponsoring companies and groups.

Participants who have pre-registered for the seminar

On the day of the seminar, please show the winning email sent by the secretariat to the staff in front of each seminar venue. After confirming the winning email, we will provide you with a lunch voucher, so please keep it with you when entering the venue.

Participants who register on-site

After completing the registration, please come to the luncheon seminar desk to get a luncheon seminar ticket. The number of tickets is limited, and distribution of tickets will be end when all tickets are gone.

Luncheon Seminar Desk

Tickets will only be issued for the seminars that will be held on the same day. Tickets are limited to one ticket per day per attendee.

Foyer, Exhibition Hall
Distribution Date & Time:
August 1, 8:00-10:30
August 2 & 3, 7:30-10:30


A Luncheon Seminar Ticket will be invalid after the start time of each seminar (11:55).
Please arrive at the seminar rooms before the start time. After the seminar starts, the luncheon seminar tickets will become invalid, and lunch will be served to those who wish to attend without a ticket.

Attending Luncheon Seminars without tickets

You can attend a Luncheon Seminar without a ticket, however, note that no lunch service will be provided.

6. Credits for Specialist Doctors, Board-Certified Doctors, and Trainee Board- Certified Pharmacist

With your participation in Neuroscience2023, you will be able to obtain credits for training programs from the respective societies listed below. Medical specialists and certified physicians are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

How to obtain training credits

To apply for the credits, show your meeting badge and a receipt to those respective societies. Please contact societies directly for more information.

Societies for which credit can be earned

  • Japanese Society of Neurology
  • Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology *1
  • Japanese Society of Child Neurology
  • Japanese Psychogeriatric Society
  • Japanese Pharmacists Education Center

※1 Training points for renewal of specialist certification" of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology can be obtained by attending eligible lectures.

The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology eligible lectures for training points.

<Application for training points: How to send an email>
Send to: The 46th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society (

Apply for training points The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology
Body of email:
Include the following information:
①Membership ID of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, name, institution, pre-registration number
②Session number(s) of lectures you attend Example: 1SL01
Application deadline:
Friday, August 18, 2023

August 1
Plenary Lecture
Larry Young(Emory University)
Time: 12:55-13:55
Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Special Lectures
Ikue Mori (Nagoya University)
Time: 14:00-15:00
Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Makoto Tominaga(National Institutes of Natural Sciences)
Time: 15:00-16:00
Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Educational Lecture
Shin’ya Nishida (Kyoto University)
Time: 11:55-12:45
Room: Room 5 (Sakura 2)

Naoki Suzuki(Tohoku University Hospital), Aaron Gitler(Stanford University)
Time: 8:45-10:45
Room: Room 6(Shirakashi 1)

Yoshio Iguchi(Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine), Louis-Eric Trudeau(The University of Montreal)
Time: 14:00-16:00
Room: Room 4(Sakura 1)

Ichiro Kawahata(Tohoku University), David Finkelstein(University of Melbourne)
Time: 14:00-16:00
Room: Room 10(Meeting Room 4)

Aki Takahashi(University of Tsukuba), Scott Russo(Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
Time: 17:00-19:00
Room: Room 10(Meeting Room 4)


Plenary Lectures
Ray Dolan(University College London / Max Planck UCL Centre)
Time: 12:55-13:55
Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Anne-Laura van Harmelen(Leiden University / University of Cambridge)
Time: 17:20-18:20
Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Special Lectures
Ryoichiro Kageyama (RIKEN)
Time: 8:45-9:45
Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Koichi Takahashi (RIKEN)
Time: 9:45-10:45
Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Educational Lecture
Kazutaka Ikeda(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
Time: 7:50-8:40
Room: Room 3 (Hagi)

Yasushi Okamura(Osaka University), Hiroshi Kuba(Nagoya University)
Time: 14:00-16:00
Room:Room 10(Meeting Room 4)

August 3

Plenary Lecture
Susan L. Ackerman(University of California / HHMI)
Room:Room1 (Main Hall)

Brain Prize Lecture
Martyn Goulding(The Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
Room:Room1 (Main Hall)

Educational Lectures
Masaki Tanaka (Hokkaido University)
Room:Room 4 (Sakura 1)

Masako Myowa (Kyoto University)
Room:Room 6 (Shirakashi 1)

Ryota Hashimoto(NCNP), Akiko Hayashi-Takagi(RIKEN)
Room:Room 3(Hagi)

Masahisa Katsuno(Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine), Maria Pennuto(University of Padova)
Room:Room 6(Shirakashi 1)

Toru Takumi(Kobe University School of Medicine), Eunjoon Kim(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST))
Room:Room 4(Sakura 1)

Kazunobu Sawamoto(Nagoya City University), Taeko Kobayashi(Kyoto University)
Room:Room 2(Tachibana)

Ryota Hashimoto(National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry), Hitoshi Hashimoto(Osaka University)
Room:Room 4(Sakura 1)

Yoshikazu Ugawa(Fukushima Medical Universtiy), Yasuo Terao (Kyorin Universtiy), Ritsuko Hanajima (Tottori University)
Room:Room 6(Shirakashi 1)

August 4

Educational Lecture
Misako Komatsu (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Room:Room 6 (Shirakashi 1)

Takashi Saito(Nagoya City University), Makoto Higuchi(National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology)
Room:Room 2(Tachibana)

Noboru Hiroi(UT Health San Antonio)、Brady J. Maher(Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Room:Room 5(Sakura 2)

Makoto Tsuda(Kyushu University), Xiaoke Chen(Stanford University)
Room:Room 6(Shirakashi 1)

7. Abstract Search / Schedule Creation System

Please use theJNS Meeting Planner 2023.

8. Internet service, copying and printing

Free Wi-Fi service is available at the meeting site. You can make copies or print them at convenience stores near the meeting site. There are ATMs in those stores.

9. Drink Service, Food stand, Rest area, Souvenir sales


Free drinks will be served in the exhibition room.
Please be advised that the number of drinks we can serve is limited.

Sendai Ryokusaikan Visitor Center (Near the entrance on the park side)

Rest area, Souvenir sales, Coffee shop

There is a rest area, souvenir shop, and coffee shop in Sendai Ryokusaikan. Please stop by and visit there.

Opening hours:
Food Trucks

Food trucks serving hot dogs, curry and rice, Korean food, etc. will be set up on a day-by-day rotating basis.
You can participate in the stamp rally at the exhibition and win a lunch ticket from food trucks. Please participate in the stamp rally if you cannot get the luncheon seminar ticket.

Opening hours:
August 1-4, 11:00-15:00
600-800 JPY / per meal

10. Press Room

The Japan Neuroscience Society is willing to provide information to the press as part of its PR activities. For this purpose, a Press Room will be set up for reporters. Media representatives are required to make press registration by showing their press credentials (freelance writers by showing their personal ID and copies of several published articles) and by presenting their business cards at the General Information Desk. Registered media can invite researchers for interviews in the Press Room. Photography, shooting, or recording of interviews are allowed only in the Press Room. This room is also available as a working space.

Opening Hours:
August 1-4, 9:00-18:00
*Closed at 14:00 on August 4
Waiting room 7, 2F, Conference Hall

11. Participants with Children

Day Care Service[Reservation required]

Please visit the page for detailed information on Day Care Services.
Most of the expenses for running the Daycare Room come from a meeting budget with the understanding and cooperation of all other participants. We are aware that there are some instances when inconveniences are made to our Daycare Room users, but we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation as we are running the facility and services on a limited budget.

Childcare Room

A Childcare Room is available for having meals, for taking breaks with your child/children, or for diaper changing. An electric water heater is also available. Pre-registration is not required. Please note that you must stay with your child/children while using the room as there will be no staff in attendance.
Neuroscince2021 will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during your use of this room.
Location: 1F, Exhibition Building

12. Prohibitions

  • Photography, video recording, and audio recording are strictly prohibited in presentation rooms. Audio/video recording, or using other devices (smartphone, etc.) to photograph/record presentation videos being played on the viewing site is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas.
  • Please refrain from posting content about the presentations on SNS sites.
  • Please set your mobile phones to silent mode or turn them off in presentation rooms.