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Special Programs

With the aim of international exchange, industry-academia collaboration, and nurturing of young researchers, the following programs have been organized in addition to the regular programs in this meeting.

1. The Japan Neuroscience Society-Organized Symposium

NSR/ Elsevier Symposium

3S06a Will BigData change Neuroscience?

Ryota Kobayashi(The University of Tokyo), Ken Nakae(National Institutes of Natural Sciences

The Japan-China Joint Symposium

1S04e New Frontiers in Developmental Neurobiology

Mineko Kengaku(Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto University), Weidong Li(Shanghai Jiao tong University)

Symposium in collaboration with Clinical and Related Societies

3S04e  What do young researchers think of basic and clinical collaborative research?

Ryota Hashimoto(Department of Pathology of Mental Diseases, National Institute of Mental Health, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry),Hitoshi Hashimoto(Osaka University)

2. Industry-Academia Collaboration

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Appropriate presentations are marked with the industry-academia logo

3. Junior Investigator Poster Award

Junior Investigator Poster Award

Especially superior titles will be selected from the poster presentations prepared by the undergraduate students. The award selection will take place during the poster session on Tuesday, August 1, and the awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, August 2, at 14:00 in Room 1. The awardees will be celebrated on the meeting website as well.

4. Mini-symposium organized by JNS Diversity Committee:

“Towards IDBE and sustainable Neuroscience”

Dan Ohtan Wang (RIKEN BDR/NYU Abu Dhabi), Kei Igarashi (UC Irvine)

Sayaka Inoue (Stanford), Yukiko Harima (RIKEN BDR), Qi Zhang (Tsukuba Univ)

August 2, 11:55-12:45

Room 6 (Shirakashi 1)

「American writer Octavia Butler once said, "What we don’t see, we assume can’t be. What a destructive assumption.” A neuroscience community of uniformity (the opposite of diversity) is a community we need to avoid at all means, because it destructively fosters such assumptions and limits our capacity of seeing and building a better future. In this mini-symposium, we will introduce “IDBE”: Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, and Equity, pronounced as “I’d be.”, as an important and relevant framework and set of principles aimed at fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment within the field of neuroscience. We will discuss IDBE based on stories shared by active researchers. By embracing IDBE, we aim for a neuroscience community ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or identity, has the opportunity to contribute and thrive.

Inclusion: Creating an environment where diverse individuals are welcomed, valued, and respected.
Diversity: Encompassing individual differences like race, ethnicity, gender, and more.
Belonging: Fostering a sense of connection, support, and empowerment for all individuals. identities.
Equity: Ensuring fair treatment, opportunities, and outcomes.

5. International Exchange Meeting for Young Researchers

This satellite meeting is held to facilitate interaction among Travel Award winners and young researchers from abroad and Japan through poster presentations, discussion about research topics and free conversation. Free snacks and drinks will be provided.

Date & Time:
July 31, 17:00-19:00 (Poster set-up starts at 16:30)

Exhibition Hall

How to participate:
Pre-registration is required.

Participation Fee: